2020 Wedding Trends to Watch

As wedding planners and designers, it’s super important for us to keep on top of the trends to watch to know what is heating up for this upcoming year and what’s going out of style! Obviously, there’s nothing like a classic wedding, but these trends definitely make our hearts go pitter patter!

Dark and Edgy Color Pallets

Though there’s nothing like a classic white and blush wedding, more and more brides are opting for darker, edgier color pallets. This trend seems to be an actual direct rebellion against the traditional color pallets of whites and creams. I’ve noticed more and more couples are becoming more adventurous with their color choices, and are selecting colors that aren’t traditionally paired.

Dark and moody color pallet at the Ostreum Venue in Fort Worth, TX. Wedding Planner

Royal Wedding Inspired Decor

Think lush, floral arches and huge statement pieces. Brides around the world will be inspired by the huge floral installations at Prince Harry’s wedding to Meagan Markel.

Brik Venue Wedding Fort Worth Wedding Planner and Designer


Velvet is a trend that is here to stay. It can be an all-season fabric depending on the hue. Velvet adds a beautiful texture to your table-scapes and heightens any and all designs!

Velvet table linen at the Nest at Ruth Farms Wedding Planner Dallas Denton Fort Worth

Nontraditional Florals

Another fun trend is the use of non-traditional elements like smoke bush, pampas grass, bougainvillea, or protea. Nontraditional florals add depth to your arrangements as well as an interesting component to your decor.

Nontraditional Floral Elements at Brik Venue in Fort Worth TX Wedding planner and designer

Custom Illustrations

What may be my FAVORITE trend, custom illustrations! This is a super fun way to personalize your entire wedding. From illustrated photos of your pets, to an illustration of your venue or a custom monogram, there’s literally no end to the possibilities!

Custom illustrated Paper Goods, wedding planner and designer in Dallas Fort Worth

Bringing the Inside Out

It’s so common for brides to want to bring the inside in, after all, a garden wedding is amazing! Since outdoor weddings are so beautiful, I’ve been seeing more and more brides embrace the outdoors while still making it more homey with lounge furniture, farm tables and amazing tents.

Outdoor Lounge Furniture Dallas Fort Worth Wedding Planner


Another favorite trend is the minimalist bride. This has been a trend in home decor for awhile now, but now we see it in weddings. Fun, more structural flowers make a statement, and sticking to a simple color pallet with two or three colors is key.

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