Why a Full Service Wedding Planner is an Investment

Why are wedding planners so expensive?

I get that question all the time! So I thought I would tackle that question here. I mean, why not? I still have days and consultations where I’m not confident in my pricing, and I know it’s the big ol’ elephant in the room when I’m meeting with potential clients. I feel like, because there’s really a lot of confusion in the world regarding what a Fully Service Planner actually does, that it’s hard to understand the cost of a good wedding planner.

We do so much more than just checking off a to-do list and yelling at your DJ. I feel like the vision of a little woman wearing black with a headset and bossing around your bridal party is the main thing a planner does - so why do they cost so much? From vendor recommendations (say goodbye to the Knot and WeddingWire), to reaching out to these vendors on your behalf and being the one to communicate with them, wedding planners are able to use their experience to answer questions (because trust me, mom will have questions and you will have questions!), attending meetings and serving as the liaison between you and all your vendors are just a few of the services that full service wedding planners offer. Apart from that, there are so many other facets of being a wedding planner that is incredibly hard to actually put into words what we do. Over the last few years, weddings have become more and more involved, with more details, higher guest counts, and more inspiration out there than ever. Though there’s really no exact way to plan a wedding (and let’s be real - every couple is different!), wedding planning takes an incredible amount of patience, organization, passion, hard work, leadership and creative thinking. If you hire a truly experienced and passionate wedding planner, you will get all these things and more.

Wedding planning takes time. Time is easily our most precious commodity. You can never get back time. Here at Cloud Creative Events, we spend an average of 400 hours on a full service planning wedding. That’s a lot of hours! That’s from the initial consultation to sending vendors thank you notes after weddings. This also includes meetings, reaching out to vendors, creating design boards, and reviewing contracts. While a lot of our job requires approval from you, there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes. The florist sent the initial proposal, but got the amount of tables incorrect, or the blooms you really want - we’re there responding to make it right before we even send it off to you. Or the guest count is incorrect on the quote from the caterer, and you wanted an additional appetizer that they forgot to include - we’re responding to make sure it’s right before we send it off. We do so much behind the scenes to ensure that you are able sit back and enjoy your engagement, rather than getting caught up in all the emails, quotes and inspiration.

Finally, peace of mind. There’s the old trope I mention from time to time, that wedding planning is so stressful it can turn even the most demure bride into a straight up bridezilla. Peace of mind is the most important thing that a planner offers you. A full service planner is able to send you to the best vendors who cater to your specific needs and wants (do you want a DJ who won’t play any of those weird games during the reception? Or a florist who is great with color? What about a caterer who can do a specific dish?) Also, a planner has experience with things that are new to brides and grooms - things such as time-centered checklists (when should the tablecloths be laid? When should hair and makeup begin?), mediation with other parties, as well as executing your wedding to perfection. With all the emotions that ultimately boil to the surface when planning such a large event, having the peace of mind to know that everything is taken care of helps you actually sit back on your wedding day and focus on what’s important - marrying your best friend.

When tricky situations arise, I try my best to put myself in my client’s shoes and think about what is best for their based on their needs and desires. While my list of vendors, big ideas, budgets and checklists are great to have - the best thing we offer our clients is someone on their side who cares as much as you do about your wedding and your vision for it, and that is what makes the investment in a wedding planner worth it. These are things I come up with when reflecting back on the process from the perspective of my couples and thinking about the things I would want as a bride. You want to be heard and understood, and this is all the more true while wedding planning. Having someone you can trust and depend on to do that full time for you leading up to and on your wedding day, is a luxury and definitely an investment.